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religion and morality are

...indispensable supports according to George Washington's Farewell Address; attacking these pillars is not characteristic of an American Patriot.

The progressives have won the day; moral relativism reigns in America....everyone wants to throw off the chains of religion, yoking themselves with the "logic" and "reason" of atheists, while ignoring the fact that atheists and agnostics simply borrow their personal moral code of conduct from SOME religion, while doing away with the hypocrites and encouraging everyone to "throw the baby out with the bathwater".

This nation is sunk because of compromised relationships professing Christians have with savage purveyors of a satanic counterfeit, along with the elevation of fools who deny the existence of a Creator altogether.

This world system will swallow America up, and she will no longer be a light of hope in the world everyone is cheering for; not because we rejected Ron Paul, but because we deny moral absolutes come from one Supreme Being, are binding upon all mankind, and the testimony and evidence of Christ the Creator's revelation of His existence and demonstration of His love has been rendered a fairy tale rather than an acknowledgment that He is the deed holder of this planet.

Jeremiah 6:16 is where we're at as a nation; the faux Judeo-Christian neo-cons and the Godless libertarians and the hypocritical Christian-professing Democrats are satan's trinity; such an abomination...reject the gospel, deny Christ, continue to mock His saints; without knowledge...and He will NOT answer, nor spare this nation what it deserves.

Just War theory, the NAP, is a moral principle derived from biblical least for Dr. Paul it is.