Comment: Ron Paul had to earn our support

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Ron Paul had to earn our support

Rand Paul will have to earn our support the same way.

So far he is not even close to earning mine.

Whoever will carry the torch going forward will have to be far closer to 'the perfect' than Rand Paul is now.

The enemy of liberty will always be trying to offer us false choices, and compromises to divide and nullify our movement.

The enemy has unlimited resources by way of absolute control of the 'money' printing presses, and can therefore bribe almost ANYBODY. In this way our elected leaders and idealistic journalists, become corrupt when they get to NY or D.C.

Only somebody with Ron Pauls resume will be able to lead this movement. Rand Paul has not in any way distinguished himself as that guy, and being Ron Paul's son gives him ZERO brownie points regardless.

likely he will be used as a foil against us, to divide us, and give the Bush people the nomination yet again in 2016.