Comment: Oh yeah. Blackmold can cause cancer.

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Oh yeah. Blackmold can cause cancer.

People can also be allergic to many molds.

In the sample-site for a book on long term food storage I talk a bit about molds,

In a root cellar scenario, at a certain point of mold infestation we just abandon or even burn the things and I seem to recall somebody saying there's a biblical precedent for this.

Fortunately, most molds like it in the earth and they stay there. And mostly they like warm, damp and dark so we give them the opposite, and they are pretty killable with stuff like bleach solution, pine oil cleaner, turpentine will work just fine. Ordinary soap doesn't do much to them as lots of molds do fine in an alkalai environment.

Even more fortunately, by far, like 99.999% of these...isms are totally benign to us. I feel they work in balance and like bacteria, only present a problem when one of them in particular starts mass populating in us or on us. So I caution against the tendency to turn the kitchen into a hospital room. Some of these things like bacteria in our digestive tracts have a symbiotic relationship with us. Get out and have picnics! You are pre-adapted to most stuff on this planet.

(Since I haven't finished illustrations yet I'm still sending advance copies of the book out for free if you care to peruse it. PM me.)

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.