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I fully understand

that the longer posts are tl:dr for most members (Thank you, BTW!). I effectively said so or implied so. My point was that in order for people like me to get our ideas considered, we are forced to recruit someone else to do our 'translation' for us so that it can be read by the larger group and can be judged on its merit. Once it reaches this stage, we have no problem debating this or that point and we can even take massive criticism as long as that comes with rational debate.

This or are people saying that our voices don't count because others are lazy?

We're just frustrated that there is no mechanism to start this process. I've literally had a total of 2-3 on-topic replies to the dozens of posts I've made in the last 5 years TOTAL. I've gotten MUCH more response off-topic and to my typos by a wide margin. ...even when there were no typos. So this begins a nasty cycle of us clarifying (and thusly lengthening further) our comments to avoid the 'typo' distractions.

BTW, I don't see one single typo. Not one. Please advise.