Comment: Dear pure Libertarians;

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Dear pure Libertarians;

There are Constitutionalists here too! Please scroll up...

"Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America"

We should be welcome here too, as we agree on about 90% - 95% of issues. In fact more than once Ron Paul refered to himself as a Constitutionalist. It's everybody else that refers to him as a Libertarian. Notice that he doesn't say the word "Libertarian" as much as he says the words "Pro-Liberty"? I think there's something to that.

Constitutionalists do realize though that without the Bill of Rights, the Constitution is a document of tyranny. This is something Judge Napolitano articulated well in a speech at the Mises Institute. To restore the Constitution, we must 1st restore the Bill of Rihts, imho. I think this understanding proves that our adherence to our founding documents is not cult-like, but rather reasoned and well thought out. We believe that if we get rid of it, or amend it through an Article V convention, we will end up with something far worse than what we have now. That is a valid concern. If we lose the 2nd Amendment, our Liberty Teeth, we'll lose the rest of our amendments and never be able to get them back. This is America, not 1950's India. Peaceful civil disobedience is the prefered way, but by itself, with no arms to back it up should ultra violent tyranny befall us, it will lose.

In closing, the Reagan rule applies: "Anyone you agree with 80% of the time is not your enemy." So Libertarians, Constitutionalists share most, but not all, of your views, and that's ok :) It makes for spirited debates at times, and helps us strengthen each other, keeping each other on our toes here, so when we go to work and school, our prowess is more honed as we try to wake up the sheeple.

We'll disagree from time to time on some minor issues, like Zeitgeist vs. Christians, Occupy vs. those who rightly saw socialist/collectivists influences within them, Anti-Rand vs. Pro-Rand, Gary Johnson vs. Write-In-Ron, and many other spirited debates that we have had over the last 5 and a half years here. The relationship between Constitutionalists and Libertarians is a good thing. If we are ever to succeed we will need each other.

Let us continue forward together spreading liberty, each in our own way, and learning from one another as we go.