Comment: She's A Blatant Statist

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She's A Blatant Statist

Interesting, but Fox has hired a blatant statist. She likes registration, and loves throwing people in jail, from her comments.

And, instead of putting the blame on the governments' role in making gun ownership public, she blames the bearer of the news. Further, "in the aftermath of Sandy Hook," if I had heard about a map of owners being published, I would not assume it was to target gun-owners, when it could just as easily be done to warn shooters that more people are armed than they suspected (though it doesn't appear to be this newspaper's goal). Direct link

Compare that argument to this one: The Innocents Betrayed - where the true reason for gun ownership to be unregistered is made clear, as well as the true reason for having "assault" or counterassult weapons.

After watching this video, the arguments she puts forth, are weak and statist.

What do you think?