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Why are these words true?

There is a big difference, in my opinion, between taking the guns away from those who have them in Germany or England or even Switzerland or Australia, compared to taking the guns away from people in America.

"Why do you say those words?"

In Germany the people who have not fled Germany over the centuries, fleeing to places like America, are satisfied with living among disarmed people who follow orders without question from people who are armed.

In England the people who have not fled England over the centuries, fleeing to places like America, are those people who stay because they are satisfied with living among their own disarmed kind of people who follow orders without question, orders dictated to them by people who are armed, and especially people who are armed with lies.

In Switzerland the people are armed but it is a remote country and it is a small country and it is a country filled with armed people who have not been invaded and subjugated for centuries.

Australia, as far as I know, is similar to America as a place where many people have fled to get away from the sociopaths, and the psychopaths, the torturers, the mass murderers, in "Public Office", and it is a very large country, and it is probably almost as impossible to disarm Australians, at least those not yet stupefied enough to "give up their guns", or at least those not yet stupefied enough to "give up their moral conscience", or at least those not yet stupefied enough to "give up their own calculating brains", but Australia is not yet on the list.

Like America the country Australia may have cities where the dictators have disarmed the victims and like America the people who are satisfied with life under those conditions tolerate, or embrace, those conditions, in those cities, but like America the country of Australia is very large and there is a lot of room for many people to flee from the Legal Criminals and defend their lives, their Liberty, and their equitable way of life (or property if that is the angle of view seen by that free person), so the work load of Legal Criminals in Australia is by that measure (population density) similar to America, but again, Australia is not on the list, it seems to me.

There is a big difference, in my opinion, between taking the guns away from those who have them in Germany or England or even Switzerland or Australia, compared to taking the guns away from people in America.

"Why do you say those word?"

America is on the list of places that are to be destroyed to a point where the targets will be begging for the smallest morsel of power required for any life, even miserable life, as the World Reserve Currency POWER is moving to Asia.

Asia is on the list of places that IS the place where the World Reserve Currency POWER exists, and that will last roughly 1 century.

Before America it was England, before England it was France, on and on, back in time, and on and on into the future, the Legal Criminals move their show to a new location with a new brand - it is the same Routine.

The legal Criminals are going to have a very big problem in subjugating American into a "third world country", because America remains to be the land of abundance. Why would the Legal Criminals find reason, cause, logic, mathematical problem solving, in destroying the soil all across America, and the Globe?

The Legal Criminals are faced with a very Big Problem.

How are the Legal Criminals going to subjugate America?

America is too big.

America is filled with too many people who are not yet stupefied into giving up their power of reason, their power of conscience, and their physical arms of defense, mostly filled with people whose ancestors fled Legal Crime in other countries.

I say those words because those words are true, and those words are measurably true, and the more you measure the truer those words become, because those words are accurate words.

If those words are not accurate words then someone could, conceivably, show why those words are not accurate, without resorting to lies, threats, and violence to "show" those words to be untrue, inaccurate, or false (meaning I know better but I speak lies anyway).

"Some say that it is so the UN Peacekeepers can be “invited” in to “keep the peace” they did in Katanga?"

Play that out in your mind, please, by placing a place like Katanga on a map inside Alaska.

• Total 496,871 km2 (191,843 sq mi)
Population (2010 est.)
• Total 5,608,683
• Density 11/km2 (29/sq mi)

That is Katanga

Here is Alaska (one of 50 States where the meaning of Sovereign State is gaining currency like a new age of reason)

Area Ranked 1st in the U.S.
- Total 663,268 sq mi
(1,717,854 km2)

Population Ranked 47th in the U.S.
- Total 731,449 (2012 est)[4]
- Density 1.26/sq mi (0.49/km2)

200 square miles in Kantanga compared to 600 square miles in Alaska according to that source.

11 people for each meter square in Katanga and half a person in each meter square in Alaska.

That is just one State to "take over" with the Routine.

How would you do it? You know somethings about how to take over Katanga, you have the general Routine understood, so now before you is a new target, target Alaska, get to work, what is the first step?

Bombs and mercenaries, lies and truck loads of fraudulent money don't fall out of the sky like rain, someone has to actually plan the move, and then write the check, and then sign the paperwork.

"It seems to me that people of the world have been subjugated and broken into submission…it seems to me that after reading Pilger’s words about cheap labor in Asia that perhaps we, proud Americans, will have to be broken in order to be subjugated. I don’t know."

Cities become tightly packed areas of people, high population density, because of the savings in costs, because many traveling expenses are cut down to a minimum, because people can readily find competitive prices for every specialty mankind has specialized in, and those high population density areas are prime targets for Legal Criminals because so much power can be produced very quickly in those high population density places on Earth.

I've asked you to read A Parasite City, and if you have read it, and if you have responded to my requests to read the words in A Parasite City, I've forgotten your angle of view on that information.

I will link it again:

Legal Criminals do not target one person or one small town out in the Outback of Australia or the same single person or the same small autonomous group in the wilderness of Alaska while there is so much easy pickings in New York City, or Sidney, or London, or Berlin, or Moscow, or Bejing, or Tokyo.

Let them produce to excess, and then there are things to be stolen.


Resort to deceit - as a rule not an exception.

Resort to threats of violence - rule not exception.

Resort to extreme violence upon the innocent - very powerful rule and not at all an exception.

Make the 3 things above lawful for our group to perpetrate upon the targets while anyone else caught doing those 3 things will be made an example of for having failed to obey completely without question.

I don't know why this is difficult to understand because I passed a threshold of brainwashing some time ago, the dragons are gone, and if any dragons remain I am working diligently to find them where they hide in my mind, with or without help from people like you, who are, unfortunately, the exceptions.

You do not resort to deceit (willingly, even though there are brainwashed thoughts still infecting your brain)

You do not resort the threats of violence (it would be idle threats anyway, and certainly not you and your army behind you voicing the same threats, and not promises made by God, etc.)

You do not resort to torture and mass murder for fun and profit or lesser examples of violence that you resort to perpetrating upon innocent people.

You are the exception - in your mind.

How many times have I had "religious" people, so called, get that gleam in their eyes when reporting to me how good it will be to get rid of those squatters in "The Promised Land"?

That is the rule. The rule is Might makes Right, and it is false, but it does not infect everyone, and those who are not infected will be those who find ways to avoid The Rule, and they will find ways that do not involve willful resort to deception upon the innocent, that will not involve willful resort to threats of violence upon the innocent, and will not involve willful, torturous, murderous, violence upon the targeted innocent victims for fun and profit.

Population density, in cities, are the places worked the most by the Legal Criminals, because there is so much to steal, because that is where productivity is most efficient. So, it stands to reason, that that is where the honest productive people suffer the most brainwashing POWER targeting them, in those cities, specifically.

Interview someone from New York New York.

Interview someone from Gnome Alaska, or Ithaca New York.

Interview someone from Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Interview someone from Barstow California.

Are there obvious differences in the answers to standard questions?

Is it right to enforce Might as might makes right?

Is it a good idea to allow only one small group of people to supply the whole world with legal money?

Why would people in Cities tend to answer the questions inaccurately compared to some poor working slob out in rural America?

Less exposure to Crime made Legal?

Children are not born with lies in their heads, as a rule, but there are exceptions. As a rule the ROUTINE is beat into children at an early age, since failure to do so threatens the Legal Criminals with a power they cannot overcome, which is Natural Law, Moral Reason, etc.

Words are not deeds, words are only signs that point to things, actions, thoughts, etc.

"So, yes, there is a sense in which we “help ourselves” by preparing for battle. But no matter how well prepared safety will be from the LORD."

It may be a good idea to continue the discussion in a separate topic as the subject matter turns toward the verses you now offer.

We can continue here as well.

I do not accept the information offered by you in reference to those versus. It may be a good idea to concentrate on one thing at a time concerning why I cannot accept your interpretation of those words.

1. Who exactly is This Lord when The Lord orders human beings to murder innocent children, and then one human being listens to that order and that one human being obeys that order without question?

Who is speaking those orders - exactly.

Who obeys those orders - exactly.

I have to go at this moment.