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Comment: Are You Serious?

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Are You Serious?

"Then they did the typical Big Media thing and cut him off," is kind of silly, don't you think? They let him hit the home run, run several victory laps playing to the stands, and then have full press interviews before they cut him off.

They let him speak for a really, really, really long time with only very mild attempts to let callers ask questions or to bring in other material. It's just possible that if they cut him off sooner (instead of waiting until their time ran out -- "big media" does run on a schedule), that AJ would have won more people over.

AJ seems way more sincere and genuinely libertarian than most, but he doesn't know when to quit. It's endearing, in a way, because it reminds me of Ron Paul's run-on sentences, but they were very polite to him, and it's not fair to make it seem like the director or producer of Huffpo "cut him off."

What do you think?