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Sounds like you may be a

Sounds like you may be a coincidence theorist to me...

Look. I agree it is frivolous to jump to conclusions without considering all the facts. I'm not saying this was absolutely an assignation. Nor will I say it was absolutely a suicide. But whatever happened to critical thinking without accepting everything one is told? Whatever happened to confirming the "supposed" givens before proceeding to formulate what necessarily would produce a false conclusion? Questioning the "known" facts in any case, be it a murder, a convenient political event, or the report on the weather, is hardly something to scorn and certainly not something to ridicule, unless one subscribes to a world where propaganda and agenda-driven news always purports the truth and wherein any anomalous occurrence that does quite fit the narrative must be "mere coincidence." To complicate things, facts procured via mediated experience are ALWAYS shrouded and concealed behind the truth, most often by design, and more often the so-called facts are outright generated and fabricated to confuse any critical examination of any given event.

Whether this was suicide or not, a string of very convenient and "accidental" deaths should certainly not be dismissed as mere coincidence. And especially if that is what the mainstream media is reporting. Come on, man. This is elementary.