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You're a soulless animal now. Let's see where this goes.

"I would argue that the people that are soulless animals are the mindless people who blindly follow a faith that was created and is maintained by looters."

So, you're a self described soulless animal that thinks I'm a "mindless blind man" and a soulless animal too. So be it. Why should I care what you think and why should I want you to have your liberty? What is it you're saying; that you have an animals soul or no soul?

If you're just a soulless animal, why not just strap you to a plow and domesticate you through your nature? It's easy. All you have is your nature now. You're a collection of genetic ticks and emotions that I can recognize and use against you.

You revel in your nature. Those with free will have dominion over all the animals, because we've overcome our nature. We have free will and we've become more than the sum of our parts. We're able to recognize and use your nature against you. There's no animal that can stand against us. There's nowhere they can run to or hide from us, and can ALL be domesticated for our use.

So if we're just animals now; mudcrabs here to feed and be fed upon, why should I not just eat you because I'm a better mudcrab? Why should I want somebody like you to be free, to have your liberty? You're a soulless animal serving its nature, so let those with the biggest brains win!

"Nobody can force faith on you, you just have to give up reason and logic, and then it comes easily."

There are many many reasons to have faith, one of which is that the human race still exists.

It really is a miracle that we're all still here, that somebody who sees human beings as a bunch of soulless animals destroying the mudball hasn't pushed the button or figured out a way to get the job done. With as man suicidal people as there are, there are even more who want to kill EVERYBODY ELSE, and they aren't without means.

What's stopping them? They see people as nothing more than a virus, a cancer created by and destroying the garden. They call that enlightenment and see mass murder as a loving act where they're saving the garden and all the other lessor mudcrabs. They just keep on failing though don't they? Why? What's stopping them? What's protecting us? You? No. They wouldn't think twice about destroying you. Why should they? You have no more value than a grain of sand, less actually, because grains of sand can form a desert and even a desert can sustain life while all you do is take life.

"Being Christian makes it extremely difficult to be Libertarian because you don't understand about trading value for value... to you giving value and not getting anything in return is actually a nobler trade than getting something in return... and therein lies the evil and the ignorance."

That was nihilist gibberish. Being a soulless animal and nihilist makes it hard to recognize value, because they don't recognize that human life has value, where value comes from, our why it's created to begin with, to sustain life and the quality of our lives.

If we're all just soulless animals, there's no reason to create ANYTHING of value. Animals can live in the garden. They don't to need create anything of value. Value is created by the garden itself, and the mudcrabs feed on it's excess finding an equilibrium within the garden.

A nihilist will actually declare value to be meaningless, arbitrary, something based on a persons opinion. They believe value is something that shouldn't even be created by people, because they want to live like an animal in the garden.

Yet the garden is long gone and can't sustain all of us, and we're sustained by the value derived by productive labor, by domesticating the garden, by knowing that we're more than the soulless animals, the flora and fauna that makes up the garden, by knowing that WE DO have dominion over this Garden and all the animals in it.

"We need to move the movement forward, not backward 2000 years."

You're a self described soulless animal, and soulless animals are unevolved and lessor creatures that have yet to overcome their nature. They don't have what we have, and I'm not going to follow you backwards into a tree or back into the garden. There's too much that I value riding on it, the life and liberty of those "mindless and soulless animals" you'd give no value.

Guys like you want to move backwards not 2000 years, but backwards 2 million years, and I'm not going to watch you do it. You want to be an animal, fine, go live in a tree monkey, and stop trying to pretend animals give a damn about each others liberty.