Comment: dubbed with the audio from an Austrian economist

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dubbed with the audio from an Austrian economist

is what I've been trying to get across to people for 2 years. If you play this all out, it can be done without any government involvement at all. If you read my comments below and the rest of this one, you'll see exactly how it's possible.

In the comment following this one, I laid out how to accomplish this in the macro world. In this one, I'll lay it out on an individual basis.

In a lifetime, a typical family roughly:

Earns $1.6M
Spends $400k on homes.
Spends $400k on financial crap.
Spends ~$400k on insurance.
Spends $300k on living.
Saves $100k for retirement that gets passed along.

If their wages were such that they could avoid the waste in that list, then they could make some significant changes.

Loans would come from parents at no interest. Homes would be cheaper and last longer. Cars would either last 40 years or be replaced by mass transit (the kind that people would really enjoy). Food would either be gown by self or local. Healthcare would be minimal and targeted to avoid problems. All (or nearly all) monthly expenses would disappear. Their 'stuff' would be paid off in 5 years worth of employment. Their retirement (and money to lend to kids, etc.) would be obtained in the next 5 years. Their living standard would skyrocket. They would retire early and leave their jobs to the next generation.

How does all this happen? It's by us taking back the fruits of our labor. Technology in the last century has stolen 4/5ths of the wealth created by our employment and given it to the banks. We just need to take that back. Stop every 'leak' that allows our money to make its way to a big bank. This includes the stock market which is nothing more than a way for banks to steal the profits from a company and average investors. It's a scam.

The result of this is that families will need one worker to work a decade and then they can enjoy the rest of their lives doing what people should do. Spending it with family, going on vacations, being more active in sports or hobbies, building a sense of community and so on.

All this without government control or the social aspect you refer to. And no, we don't need to all live in concrete extruded tube houses but we do need to be taught the benefits of building homes or other goods that don't just last 20 years before falling apart. Not only will this benefit that family but it will virtually eliminate most social problems as well as the underlying premise that governments use against us to foster the evil they do. No one would fall for a war for oil if we didn't use it. No one would fall for a war on terror if there was none. No one would do the banks' evil handy work if they didn't need the money. Heck, even politicians would be much less bribable.