Comment: That's exactly why it's being done privately.

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That's exactly why it's being done privately.

As I wrote to the other commenters below, this is all possible without any government interaction. As such, it is set to get underway in small stages and locales.

What would be nice from the government side is if the money and voting issues could be resolved. Those issues will eventually resolve themselves by going this route, but a popular movement to make two little changes would go a long way toward speeding up that process.

The money issue could be fixed if we simply taxed leveraged income earned. In other words, tax the banks for fractional reserve lending and tax the stock traders and major investor funds for profiting from other people's money. Projected revenue of a 1% tax? $7 Trillion per year today.

The voting issue could be resolved by making it easy for everyone to check if their vote was counted on every level. With computers, this is extremely easy to do and costs almost nothing.

Both of these are in my recent posts so you can read more on how they work. But suffice it to say that this entire system IS the future and IS coming. Fast or slow will depend on how the public perceives it and adopts the individual parts. Just keep in mind that it is the end game of the ultimate free market in action.