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You've outlined just two of the many problems

we face. Water is a huge one but take heart, it's being fixed very soon. Later this year, hopefully, we will begin to get new water treatment plants that take in all garbage (sewage, trash, landfill, lawn waste) and gasify it to make electricity at extreme efficiencies. The good side of this is that it takes tons of water which gets purified in the process at very high rates. I don't think it currently scales down to towns smaller than 20,000 people but that's a start.

Regarding ag, the aquaponic movement will be taking off very soon to the point that a 6' cube of space indoors will provide 90% of the variety (in 150% quantity) and 100% of the fish/shrimp with virtually no cost to the homeowner. When this process gets automated to the point that the average soccer-mom (no offense) feels comfy with it, we will see a major change in the direction food travels around the world.

Businesses that currently do farming will soon begin to see the benefits of permaculture where their profits can soar by 1-2 orders of magnitude. With land yields of 2-20 times current, this will kill off the corn and soybean industries and free up a major slice of our arable land. The main effect to watch in this is that it will switch farming from being a 'seller's market' to being a 'buyer's market'. In other words, food abundance will go into a runaway state as opposed to our current system of food shortage running away.