Comment: Wow, I believe you're way off base here.

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Wow, I believe you're way off base here.

"Basically, if you profited from the use of money that wasn't yours, you pay a tax."

I invest in stocks to give companies the ability to grow, increase market share, better compete and to create value for me, the investor. Because of this multiplication of effort and capital I can realize a rate of return that can handily beat returns on "dumb" investments that only react to interest rates and misbegotten economic policies. I trust that competition and self-interest will outperform all other forms of investment over time and my theory has been proven correct thus far.

The ability to leverage investments is essential to a healthy economy. You want to artificially limit and discourage creative forms of economic activity? Reward is impossible without risk! If one does not understand the risks, they should stay out of investing. There are far too many regulations as it is. The risks should be as great as the market will bear, so long as fraud, collusion and outright theft are still illegal and prosecutable.