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Comment: If you really investigate them deeply

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If you really investigate them deeply

you'd find that they don't want to plan anything. They only suggest that for brevity in discussion. They are always hoping that external innovation will take command of the situation. This is said many times and even hinted at in the video.

You're correct that central planning has screwed things over recently. IMHO, central "planning" should only be used under the dire case of a very critical natural resource that has no replenishment process is about to be depleted. I give the case of helium elsewhere in these comments. What I also suggest is that much of the 90% of it wasted on party balloons would not be used if it was publicly known that it was so critical to the medical and other industries.

If you read my other comments here, you'll find exactly how easy this whole system is to achieve if we actually promoted free market principles to their ultimate end.