Comment: Alex Jones is the De Facto leader of the liberty movement

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Alex Jones is the De Facto leader of the liberty movement

Whether or not you would say so, the fact is the liberty movement has a vacuum at the top, and ONLY ALEX has the resume and the FIRE IN THE BELLY to fill the void.

Alex is also the primary leader in the media of the 9/11 truth movement. And his history is SOLID, many decades of fearlessly battling both the Democrat and the GOP propaganda machines with mountains of real DOCUMENTED proof for all of his information.

And he IS leading this movement without question he has COMPLETELY and single-handedly RIPPED control of the entire national gun debate from the grasp and control of the the guys who are paying the trolls.

Ripped control of both the debate and the language of the debate away from the trolls. He deserves our full consideration AND our support because he has a massive global audience and was the PREMIER media source giving real and regular voice to RON PAUL on his show for years.

I am not saying that Alex is the POLITICAL leader of this movement, but right now he is the DE FACTO leader as he is the one carrying OUR fight to our enemies, during this time right here right now.

Don't let the trolls who tried to define Ron Paul as a fringe kook do the same to Alex.