Comment: Spoken like a true, book-smart economist

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Spoken like a true, book-smart economist

All hail the praise for the stock market and making profit from simply allowing other people to use your money. There are other ways and unfortunately for you, they don't require a company getting locked into a deal that keeps the company slave to that debt.

But, alas, this is not the profit I was referring to. By investing YOUR OWN MONEY, you would not qualify for the proposed tax. However, if your broker nakedly borrowed some of your shares and profited (while not owning them), then that profit would be subject. Same goes for them making insurance bets (derivatives) on the market. Tax 'em! Even the company using your money to make a profit would not qualify as they are simply using your money to pay expenses.

The big items that would be subject to these taxes would be the Federal Reserve and all fractional reserve lending by other banks.