Comment: Speaking of Permaculture

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Speaking of Permaculture

Did you see my post on the aquaponic system in Bangladesh?

If we are to maintain the population we have, and its more than doable, major changes need to be made. It's not that complicated. I was just channel surfing and a statistic came out that we waste more than half of the 4.4 billion tons of the food we produce! That food is going into landfills.

We need to be in sync with nature and tie into the natural systems of the ecology. What ever happened to the old school way of the past, composting and the family victory garden? I guess they replaced it with GMOs and bridge cards.
I'm a RP conservative and an environmentalist, I'm frustrated that conservatives have abandoned this issue to the Democrats who do nothing other than look to government for solutions.

I don't think the current corporate farms will be able to adapt to a permaculture model. IMO we need more small farms, local producers and less regulations to allow the small producer to sell local.