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Look Gang, it's Captain Freedom !

Buzz off coward, you're wasting valuable bandwidth with your stupidity.

Can you not read the comments below? I haven't collected anything you unsheared dipchit, because they wont contract with me and meet my terms.

If they won't contract with me for the $1,500/hour, how can I lawfully collect my money?

Go away Hairlip, you're an idiot troll as apparent by your other posts:

Haven't followed Tim Turner in a LONG time; don't care about Tim Turner and no longer share his information as is apparent by the time stamps of previous posts.

I'm much more advanced in my studies than Turner; that's why he's in jail and I'm sitting here making an idiot out you on a public forum :)

Everyone be sure to read Birdies past posts and comments here at the DP; his information is top notch and sure to free you from gov't tyranny --- LOL