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You're making claims without proof

Gee, never expected an "infowarrior" to make a claim without citing evidence! /sarc

"I repeat EVERYONE who is a Jones detractor is a paid troll, or in just a very few cases a mere ignorant buffoon."

So let me get this straight, everyone who doesn't like anything about AJ is clearly a "paid troll"...or just a "buffoon".

Ha ha, and here I was thinking people had the freedom of choice.
Do you know why some people, myself being one of them, don't like Alex Jones topics? It's not so much because of him, or even his style, it's because of the ultra-rabid portion of his fanbase that goes around foaming at the mouth and makes baseless accusations whenever someone doesn't get on their knees and praise AJ for everything he does.

What you're doing is the old "shun and shame" tactic. Anyone who dares hold a dissenting opinion is attacked in the hopes that the individual will step down out of fear of ridicule. Stop lumping people into groups and attempting to demonize them.

Oooh, is this the part where you start ranting about all the work AJ has done, and how nobody else does anything? You're right, perhaps I should do yell at random people on the internet for not bowing down to a media personality!

Maybe *you* are the "disinfo agent", and you merely accuse others to take the stink off of yourself. See how easy it is to throw around baseless accusations?

Also, no; Alex Jones is not "the leader of the liberty movement". Some of us are quite capable of leading ourselves. You and the other poster who referred to AJ as "God" seem to need him to lead you, though. Yeah, because blindly following a media personality always works out well, right?

Being a casual or even die-hard fan of AJ is one thing, but some of you people turn it into an unhealthy obsession. Enough with the hero worship.

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