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Hey! Long time no see! I

Hey! Long time no see!

I never stopped. I kept going until Tampa. It crushed my heart, just like it did everyone else. There always was a glimmer of hope alive. Hope that I knew was likely false, but sometimes it isn't about winning or losing, its about doing what will let you sleep at night.

I've been well though. I've had some ups and downs, I got so sick that I nearly died at one point, however I battled back. A lot has happened, and I hope that you've been good and happy too. I missed a lot of people here. I always would read the site, even though I might not be logged in while I would do it. It has made me sad over the past few months seeing names of people who I found to be friendly and kind fighting with each other over petty things constantly. I'm just glad this place is still here.

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