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I agree

Corporate farms will definitely be replaced with smaller, locally ran ones. The only crops I see as needing them is corn (much smaller scale), wheat, cows, hogs and bison. The rest will or should be taken care of by individuals who can easily profit from raising much more than they need.

Love the linked video. I'll post more on there but I just wanted to say that these are the types of systems that we will be heading towards... just as long as we consider utilizing today's high tech to make them work. No one in the 1st world countries will want that system next to the neighborhood park. With technology, we can scale it down to the point that it essentially becomes landscape for each individual home. Of course this wouldn't work on 1/8th of an acre but it is being worked on for homes that only have half an acre. Very interesting, beautiful and self maintaining stuff. Best of all, like you said, it's virtually free to gain all these goods and services.

On the cow and bison front... There is a tiny movement growing (pun intended) that uses miscanthus grass to feed cows, bison and some pigs. This grass is amazing. It re-seeds itself and grows 10 foot tall for each of 3 harvests per year. It grows so thick that people can use it as a fence by simply harvesting adjacent rows at the right times. Even harvesting it down to heights of 1-2 foot, it remains nutrient and CO2 neutral to grow. Talk about a great solution, 'eh?

If these systems became ubiquitous across the US, our farm land needs would be cut to about 20% of what they currently are. Of course, that doesn't account for stopping the raising of crops which are used to enslave other poor countries. Just think of how that would change the global resource playing field.