Comment: There are two movements related to this technology

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There are two movements related to this technology

that I'm aware of. One is very similar and supports a home or small farm. The other one is a closed system that could fit in a 6 foot cube. Both will be hitting the market hopefully this year.

The 'home' one turns this system into the most efficient size for a single home's needs. It then incorporates various parts into a pond type garden landscape. In conjunction with a swimming pool, it then circulates water through stages to settle it, clean it, purify it and clarify it. Various fish, plants and algae all do their part. The result is then pumped uphill to the starting point via a wonderful solar thermal system that heats the water to a near boil. That mixes with more clean, cold water to supply a hot tub and/or slide/waterfall. From this altitude, it all fills the swimming pool which overflows back into the beginning pond stage. The whole thing takes about 2 1/2 times the space of one pool and looks like a pool with a fish pond in a garden.

Other people are working on ways to integrate a digester or gasifier into the system to extract electrical power. This part, however, would require the system to support multiple cows to create the waste needed.

The 'cube' system circulates water from a tank to the plants which clean it to a compost system and back to the fish tank. It is designed for a high output of store-supplied produce plus marine life such as shrimp, clams, tilapia, perch, trout and even the occasional lobster (if patience is abundant). It won't grow the tall plants like corn or wheat or the heavy fruits like melons but the rest (including the marine life and spices) can be grown 'at the rate the homeowner uses it'. It only requires small amounts of fish food for the species that don't live on duckweed, worms or black fly larvae. It evaporates 1-2 gallons of water a day plus it needs a little solar power for pumping and the LED grow lights.

Both systems are being tested so that the influential factors such as nitrogen, nitrates, nitrites, pH, etc. can all be automatically controlled to simplify the user experience. This is seen as the critical feature to attract the average person.