Comment: Any "system" that requires

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Any "system" that requires

that participants engage in what Rand Paul did is evil, immoral and unjust. He backstabbed his dad BEFORE there was a nominee, BEFORE the convention to feed the meme that Ron Paul was out of the race.

You DO notice that RON Paul would have none of it, don't you?
Now YOU are quite welcome to such a system and to delude yourself that doing evil to people will result in good and call it "strategy" but you have no right to force it on anyone else.
Maybe someday all you Neocons can live in Neocon utopiaville and the rest of us can live in liberty. But that will never happen because statists are pathetic, fearful fools who have to have someone to subjugate and loot. You long to toady to some politician hoping for eventual scraps. It is sickening.