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Who am I fearing?

Yes, there is corruption in our government and the solution is to replace the corrupt with ourselves and work together to not be corrupt,, hold each other to the constitution, thus we become the govenrment we want.

If I am killed, I hope to go to heaven.

If they show up afterwards, I won't care (even if I go to Hell.. I'm not planning on taking anything with me when I die).

It's not FAITH in the politcal class that motivates me, but the idea that it is an error to think others can be a better government than myself.. so I am becoming government I can have faith.. if just in my county district.. hopefully with the rEVOLution I can look further.

I am challenging the politcal class face to face by standing up, getting elected and saying I CAN DO THIS BETTER THAN YOU.. My neighbors agreed with me which is how I became elected.. they signed my petition. beats reading the paper about those who won't.