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its ok, you can stay here too

its ok, you can stay here too if that suits you. Have you ever spent any time in any of those 3 countries in the last decade? I enjoy freedom and I have found more in those places than here currently. Quality of life is important, and there are a lot of upsides to expatriating (of course its easier to do as a single person than as a family unit). Quality food, quality environment, affordable land with plenty of natural resources, music/arts/culture, be honest I'm not in the mood'to compile this repsonse appropriately right now - I just wanted to respond that your statements appear to be a good amount of scare tactics and fear mongering. Expatriating can be good in many ways - juat learn the local language asap and don't go around with an ugly elitist attitude and you will be fine. Not sure what/where you are referring to in regards to not being able to have a business? Capital investment and hiring of locals is always well-received.....and I'll take my chances on being thrown out of an airplane as a dissident in argentina over TSA, monsanto, big pharma, military adventurism, endless taxes, and Vipr teams anyday...