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Do we now effectively control...

...the state party in Arizona, as we do in Iowa?
"Yes and no" In other words, not yet.

how the party organization works in AZ...
>> Precinct Committeemen(persons)
>> PC's have voting "power" @ County or Legislative District meetings
>> Votes there (like yesterday) are for State Committemen(persons) along with the Chair/Vice Chairs/Treas./Secy. and Assistant T. & S.
>> State Committemen(persons) will vote, on Jan. 26th in Phoenix, for State GOP executive committee offices.

News has been very good throughout the State on results of the County & Legislative District elections for SC-men. Thus, the chances "smell" great that in about two weeks the "hijacking" will be accomplished.

Much/most of this has been done by coalescing with many ancient Party "regulars" who are half-awake and getting sick and tired of the moderate not-conservative garbage being shoved down their throats for decades. In other words, not the full-on r3volution we desire in a perfect world but, you know, "baby steps."