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Comment: Couldn't have said it any better myself

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Couldn't have said it any better myself

Great post. I feel very much the same way as the author. I'm not from the USA but being a pasionate libertarian I followed Ron Paul with great enthusiasm and visited this site daily for more than a year. I even had a subscription at a time because I wanted to support the cause and pay for what I used so to speak.

I guess my tipping point was during the wave of Ahmadinnejad praising and accompanied jew-bashing that went on somewhere around august-september. The Ahmadinnejad praising was just a spit in the face of everything the liberty movement stand for and those in Iran that are fighting against their government.

Considering the gigantic overrepresentation of jews in the libertarian intellectual sphere it just seems really strange and also goes against libertarian principles of individualism. I mean how can you be on a site dedicated to Ron Paul, bashing jews and watching videos of Ron paul sitting in front of his bookshelf full of books written by jews. It just doesn't compute. And its also pretty unlibertarian.

The worst part was probably that bringing these points up resulted in massive downvoting. Just like this post has.

Apart from that I've seen a bunch of posts about guns, chemtrails, socialism here and communism there, evil police officers, organic food and even crop circles (!). What does crop circles have to do with libertarianism? Nothing!

We libertarians need to engage in civil intellectual discussion, not rampant conspiracy craziness. It doesn't matter if the theory is correct or not. It is not libertarian political philosophy, it is not economics, it is not a policy issue and it doesn't belong here.

That this post you wrote netted 31 downvotes is proof of the very sad fact that this site is no longer about libertarianism and Ron Paul.

We need a clean up here, this site is private property so don't come dragging any censorship arguments. This site needs a forum with free discussion but designated subjects. Conspiracy theories not being one of them. The blog style of the front page need to be reserved for qualitative articles that are on for longer than 2-3 hours. One new article a day, 7 articles on the front page at any given time makes for a nice front page. Articles on the front page can consist of selected well-written forum posts or submitted content that is REVIEWED before it is posted.