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I think that it would be hard for him to become overly successful in the world of libertarianism because.... well.... we don't forget, and we do not seem to forgive either. I mean, there is a group of people here who will never even give Rand Paul the time of day because of his past actions. That is their call, but I think we set the bar too high sometimes and expect everyone to be Judge Napolitano or Ron Paul himself.

However, if Glenn Beck were to find success this way, I suppose some would be able to call him a sincere libertarian. I stopped trying to label people a while ago anyways.

In some of the social circles I associate in I am considered a ruthless anarchist capitalist. Then compare me to some people here and I am a socialist lol!

I do think it does not matter and we should not care who uses what label to identify themselves. I do not look at Obama and see "democrat" and then look at Romney and see "republican," I look at them both and see "career politician looking out for himself and his lobbyist."

Currently I look at Glenn Beck and see "entertainer," no more no less.