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Maybe his 'handlers' do, but has Jones ever covered Hovind (either before or after his becoming a political prisoner)?

I don't think Jones has 'handlers' - like the folks that create the opinions of the Corporate Whoredom (O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, et al).

I think Jones is who he purports himself to be. A guy who drums the drum of warning against the slippage of the republic into tyranny. He makes a living doing it, toboot.

I can't recall Ron Paul speaking about Hovind. Does that mean Dr Paul is another Gatekeeper for the Oligarchy?

I have supported Dr Hovind. I have heard him speak in person. I believe as he does, in a Young Earth. I also think he is a political prisoner.
So, I think that we (you and I) are much more alike than different.
I think the downvotes are not due to you being correct, but due to the acidic tone.

I don't think Jones "took down" Hovind -OR- William Cooper, for that matter.

They are/were folks with the same mindset... and I have seen supposed like-minded folks tear at the throats of their competition... especially when their lifestyle may be at stake.

Radio Host A attacks Radio Host B, even though they are trying to say the exact same message.

I have never heard Jones attack anyone outside of the Oligarchy. Shucks, I can't say that he has said a bad word about Icke, even though the latter says that shapeshifting lizards are running the show. While the Establishment is a group of vile serpents, I believe that they are spiritually serpents, not genetically.