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Thank you for clarifying

what you meant about disarming other countries. I misunderstood your intent. I thought you were saying in a sense that it was OK for other countries, butthat it was not OK to disarm Americans. I definitely misunderstood that you were actually saying that the process of disarming America would be a more complicated affair for those who have that goal as their aim.

I was surprised by what I interpreted to start with, because it certainly didn't sound like the equitable Joe that I have come to in a small way know. My new understanding of what you meant is more along the lines of the well reasoned Joe that I in a small way have come to understand.

I am going to ask a question. I though that I had read in our other discussion regarding Pilger and when I asked you if you were a member of a group and you gave me the list of groups, that you also said that now there was an association with me that I have seemed to insist on. Those are not the exact words and I cannot find the words anymore. Did you say that, or did I read something wrong. I am asking because I don't want to assist on anything nor do I want to hinder you in your life goals.

On the links I provided, I provided them because you said maybe we should discuss the verses under a different topic, so I am suggesting a place to go to discuss.

I appreciate you letting me know your intent as far as faith testing and I am prepared to enter that arena. I would however, if you do not mind, like you to finish with full reply in that post so that you will have the full context of where I was going. I realize the killing of a whole city is a shock. It troubles me as well, and I knew that the passages I was providing would most likely open that "can of worms."