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Interesting flow of ideas

I didn't miss any point. He made himself pretty clear, and so did you.

"The response was that organized religion doesn't belong in the liberty movement."

"Respect all beliefs or you have no legitimacy in the liberty movement."

Interesting flow of ideas there?

I thought I made myself perfectly clear; YOU DON'T GET TO MAKE PEOPLE OF FAITH GO AWAY OR KICK RELIGION OUT OF THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT. I didn't misrepresent anything, and all you're doing is reinforcing my earlier point and trying to kick out religion and silence people of faith. It's not going to happen. Understand!?

Sorry. You're going to have to find a way to allow people the right to their own faith, thoughts, motivations and religions.

I'm not forcing anything on you. You're trying to force something out of the Liberty movement. I don't need Atheist enemies, and I couldn't force faith on you even if I wanted to. You have free will.

You can be an Atheist Libertarian. GREAT! I WANT you to be one, but I'm just saying there are pitfalls waiting for you if you see yourself and everyone around you as a soulless animal, and then try to explain why you have a right to your liberty.

It's about WHY you have a right to be treated like a human being rather than an animal, rather than something here for me to prey on. You have a right to be treated as my equal.

You're "non-prey" in my book. Congratulations. I wonder if that goes the same for me in yours.