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Thanks for providing the definition of Assclown for all

new comers to see. It's hard identifying those two with any other term, so thanks for the link.

Since you've interjected yourself into the conversation, we'll name you Assclown #3.

So here's the question of the Day:

"What is the One Document that either Local/State/Federal Gov't has in their possession that would prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I am contractually liable to abide by their internal statutes and am liable to file/pay an Income Tax ..... and ..... requires that I do it for free?"

This is an Assclown Party if I've ever seen one. Anti up Assclowns, answer the question; the viewing audience is waiting in suspense.

Common fellas; thousands of people are viewing this thread and waiting for your expert testimony as to what document you feel the gov't has in their possession that obligates anyone other than gov't employees and elected officials to abide by those internal statutes and tax codes.

I guess you Assclowns can't read, you sure are working double time to avoid the question.

Still waiting !