Comment: VERY EARLY because tix will be 4 1st 150 in line beyond prior

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VERY EARLY because tix will be 4 1st 150 in line beyond prior

distribution M and Tu at a table in their school quad... Lee Chapel also appears to have a dress code....


"Contact Committee
Due to overwhelming interest from the Washington and Lee University community and the general public, the CONTACT Committee event “An Evening with Ron Paul” will be a ticketed event. Lee Chapel, the venue for the speech, only has 500 seats and tickets are available but limited relative to demand.

Tickets will be free and can be obtained two ways. The bulk of the tickets will be available free of charge from 9am to 3pm Monday and Tuesday January 14th and 15th in the Elrod Commons Living Room on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Approximately 150 tickets will be reserved for distribution to the first people in line in front of Lee Chapel immediately prior to the opening of the Chapel. These tickets will also be free of charge.

One ticket per person. As a reminder, Lee Chapel (semi-formal) attire is required for all in attendance."

On the 'informal' facebook page this was attached to, someone was hawking an event with a candidate for Lt Governor 'to follow right after' -- apparently Ron's visit is viewed as an opportunity for exposure! =D

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