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Fresh Experience today @ DIA

First, I ALWAYS Opt Out. I have never been through the "machine" and I never will!
So today, I was traveling out of DIA, and I wore my (brand new) Oath Keepers shirt. I wanted to see what reaction I would get. I'm standing in line and one of the "brown shirts" spots my shirt and starts giving me the eye. Pretty soon, I see him whispering in his secret comms device (very hard to see if you don't know it's there). At this point I have no idea if he is discussing me or not. So I'm next to have my "credentials" checked and a female agent walks right up to me while chatting on her secret walkie-talkie. She stands in front of me and just looks at me. I look back, no smile no nothing - attempted intimidation moment anyone? Then I am standing in line for the scanner, and it happens again. Another female brownie comes over and stands right next to me looking at my shirt. Again, I look back. Not intimidated at all, I just move through the process. As I'm receiving my pat down - i whistled the national anthem the whole time. I thought it was quite amusing that they KNEW immediately what the Oath Keepers logo looks like, and what it "Stands For". They immediately targeted me. Suckers!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa