Comment: Perfect Opportunity for Liberty!

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Perfect Opportunity for Liberty!

Folks, it's typically $20 - $40 frns to have a dedicated table at these gun shows. This is where you can set up a Campaign for Liberty booth, or whatever you want to promote. Reserve your own table and hand out material!

* Business cards, notepad to collect contact info for those interested in joining us
* 2nd Amendment, Oath Keepers and Gun Owners of America literature
* State Constitutions, etc.
* Local/state candidate information that you want to promote
* Issues printed out that will be voted on which promote Liberty
* Sell Liberty and other t-shirts, etc.

Put a jar on the table for donations. Use that money to pay for ink, paper, mailings, etc.

This is where THOUSANDS of Republicans, and others, attend a single event, and you don't need to go door to door or sift through super-voter lists. This is PRIME real estate for Liberty objectives!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul