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It's rather simple, and works extremely well.

Some gov't taxing agency sends you a notice in the mail claiming you need to file some paperwork for their benefit.

You ask yourself the question:

"What's the One Document they have in their possession that compels me to do their paperwork, which is obviously performing some function of gov't, such as tax collecting or administrative duties; compels me to file/pay the supposed tax; and compels me to do it without pay?"

You scratch your head for a moment trying come up with SOME answer that would compel you to perform administrative duties for the local/state/federal gov't at your own expense, and to do it without pay.

You can't think of anything; can't find a contract anywhere that you signed that would compel you to perform those duties without pay, and you send them back a conditional acceptance letter:

If you wish me to perform some function of gov't such as file tax forms, that is fine. But, I do not work for free, and my fee for performing such functions is $1,200.00/hour with a 6 hour minimum. If you agree to these terms, please reply within 30 days with payment. Since you are a bankrupt corporation, it is apparent you people cannot be trusted to pay your bills, therefore, I will need payment up front for my services ................ Registered Mail and on it's way it goes!

At this point, they have the choice of whether or not they wish to contract with you and pay your terms of service for your administrative services.

Your time is not free, but up till recently, we have all been under this assumption that we are to bow to authority and jump through gov't hoops and do their administrative work; collect their sales taxes; file their paperwork; run their errands that benefit THEM, and we were to do it all free of charge.

We are not dealing with a legitimate gov't body; all local/state/federal agencies are bankrupt corporations; yes, we are still under the 1933 bankruptcy, and if a corporation wishes to acquire our services, we as individuals have every right to receive compensation for our time.

Very enforceable and it is the Law, but most people can't wrap their heads around the simplicity of this concept; twelve years in public schools and parents teaching us we must pay our taxes has led to a society of slaves who never question authority.