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Revenuers and Tax collector are an old problem.

In Imperial Rome, they took whatever that could extort.

A minority of eligible voters elect Representatives to Congress.

Even a consensus in Congress is taxation without representation.

A quorum of eligible voters did not consent to these taxes in any way.

Nor the debt incurred.

It is a governmental of no authority acting as a tyranny of a minority.
A minority daring to pass unconstitutional laws.

You may be right due process might not allow the kite of liberty to fly.

But if due process doesn't work try the second amendment and due process.

If due process and the second amendment doesn't then will try due process, the second amendment free speech, a free press, free assembly, free travel, government free zones,...

Anarcon - without ruler not without rules by self rule(autonomy).

Government is a force of nature. It has killed million this century. We either weather its storms or not.

Even our ancient oral tales tell of a man awaking free in paradise all rights intact. the story still unfolds.

Men at Work: We're in for stormy weather

Free includes debt-free!