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If your employer is a general contractor for the gov't, what is your employer building or selling? Missiles, Helicopters, Tanks?

What if your employer is Burger King? Is the federal gov't writing Burger King a monthly check for their profits from the Treasury window?

Your employer is acting as an with-holding agent because you gave them your social security number; you did not have to give them the SS#, it is against the law for anyone to demand you give them the SS#; you did it out of ignorance (not you personally) and simply not knowing the law.

People are just donating their money to the federal gov't through their employers and don't understand this fact. The federal gov't does absolutely nothing for Burger King; does not manage their payroll; does not order their food stocks; does not interview employees; does not do anything, other than stand their with their hand out and say "give me your money" ..... Burger King complies because they don't know any better.

Does an Burger King employee sit down with someone from the IRS or local/state/federal gov't and fill out an employment contract? ............... No!

Yes, they are getting away with it. The reason they are getting away with it, is because no one is asking the question I've stated several times above.

Nowhere on the W4 is there a section that compels you to perform some function of gov't without pay for doing so.

Gov't employees fill out W4's too. The difference is, they are smart enough to demand some kind of payment for their services as a gov't employee.

Just because everyone is doing it, doesn't mean it's right.

Watch Deans's seminars on YouTube .... A few hours and you'll be a lot more confident in this matter.