Comment: Glenn Beck said David Barton from Wallbuilders...

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Glenn Beck said David Barton from Wallbuilders... helping him with his "theme park"; I started collecting 19th century textbooks because of David Barton..

The duped evangelicals, ignorant of their Bible's, and even more suckers to K-street pro-family lobbying groups that promise to end homosexuality and abortion by continuing to put anti-Christ statist central planners in government; DESERVE what they get....

Leave them be, gang.....don't get baited into the Alex Jones patriotism versus the Michele Bachman Tea Party patriotism battle with them...they will not learn until they study biblical separation from false apostles and evil men, and put that together with the book of Proverbs and the lives of our signers.

When people who profess to be about truth, actually bare the fruit of accepting the truth for what it is, and EXPOSE error and deceit; we might get past the one-upsmanship game.

Alex Jones' media empire has a lot of money/funding, and so does Glenn Beck and his ilk and allies....let these pied-pipers fight it out while we watch from the stands! Instead of us being in their colosseum, let's demote them to being our minions ... Let them bankrupt each other....abandon them both NOW! We don't need either of them.