Comment: That is funny... not once has

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That is funny... not once has

That is funny... not once has any government agency sent me a notice claiming I need to file paper work... Yet I am required to file hundreds of forms a year. You have never operated a business have you? The only notice you will receive is when your bank calls you and tells you the IRS just froze your accounts. The business owner spends countless hours figuring out what they are liable for ie: unemployment, corporate fillings, Workers comp, Taxes (state and federal)ect.... Miss any of them and yes you will get that notice. At that point the least of your concern will be the cost of the time to prepare the paper work. Generally having all your assets frozen are of much more concern.

I'm all for not paying taxes on income but, your advice is something that won't work in the real world. In fact don't file and you are taking a very real chance of ending up in jail. If you don't have the money to pay the taxes that is one thing (you don't go to jail for over due taxes) but, you do go to jail for failing to file and avoiding taxes... not my system just one I am stuck with...

I have also heard the argument that no law exists that says we must pay income tax.... I have seen the tube videos of IRS folks not being able to point to a specific law and all the rest... None the less I have had my accounts froze in the past!