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A whopping .03%? Must have missed that part. Don't know why someone voted it down. Sometimes people vote down bad news, no reflection on the poster or the validity of the post.
Me? Yep, will be there with the big 97% crowd. voted ya up.

What is the plan to control a population explosion in this Utopia?
Hampered when it comes to addressing and looking for a solution to our own and the planets many challenges, for survival in the present freedom stressed times consumes the mind. What thoughts I've given to the future always goes beyond freedom or life style in importance and back to the basics of over population. Without the answer to over population, any acceptable way of life would be impossible. If building a house, you have to start with the foundation. We are multiplying beyond our available resources. This is the reason no matter what thoughts you may have, none are possible with a run away population. [I refuse to accept a plan of catastrophic man made events bringing the population down .03 or 3/5. That isn't an answer, that's murder!] This alone stops me from progressing onward toward thoughts of any form of future lifestyle. My Libertarian view of freedom, live and let live beliefs just aren't good bedfellows with any type of forced law for restrictive choices of how many children you can have. If a couple have but one child, they, over generations, will lower the population significantly. We'll correct the problem without wars, epidemics. famine or forced abortions....... Democide. There's the rub! How can you have each couple have only one child? You can't in a free society. If not mandatory, you know what will happen. All the best traits needed in the future, those with responsibility, work ethic, honesty, love of our fellow man, normal intelligence, an inherent responsibility to be good citizens and neighbors will result in those people having the one child voluntarily while those who don't possess those traits, feel the world owes them everything, will multiply like bunnies, rearing their children with the same mind set. We'll be in worse shape then we are now. . A LAW restricting births is NOT Libertarian. That's where my thoughts of a future ideal society are dead on the drawing board. I just can't mentally go there! I noticed "Utopia"/Agenda 21 didn't go there. Also noticed they started AFTER an obvious deadly 'event' killing off the population!
At the present, my thoughts are more focused toward awakening the people, stopping that 'event'.