Comment: Excellent Post -- I agree 100%

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Excellent Post -- I agree 100%

Ever since the "Winning Team" seized control of the NRA and purged Neal Knox's group, the NRA has veered way off track. Indeed, there were problems even before Neal was thrown out. I could write a small book detailing some of the damage NRA has done. I agree the organization is co-opted. I believe that is why the Prostitute Press always refers to NRA as "the" gun lobby, implying NRA has some kind of authority to compromise away rights on behalf of all of us.

The single most effective no-compromise pro-Second Amendment national group is Gun Owners of America (GOA).

I quit the NRA many years ago; when they offered free memberships a few years ago, I refused to take one even though it was free.

I'm proud to say I'm a Life Member of Gun Owners of America.