Comment: Be truthful with yourself first

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Be truthful with yourself first

Dr.K.Research, so you believe that some diabolical Obama administration sent the word out to various online grief website creators ahead of the clandestine operation? You also want us to believe that there is a "vast conspiracy" about which no one involved is speaking?

So you've got a lot of evidence of "vast numbers" of people who can keep their mouths shut about anything? All of history disproves you. Not even you can keep your mouth shut. On what evidence you you state your claim that "vast numbers" do so? Also you believe that the President's minions contacted online grief counselor sites and told them there would be an incident at this particular school and to prepare their websites in advance? In what sort of world does that play out?

Big grief sites alerted before the fact. Ask yourself why? If the Administration didn't care about wasting 26 lives, why would it care about alerting grief website owners before the deed? Um...this would expose the Big Secret. Why?

You may participate, personally, in subterfuge and be willing to use people for your personal aims, but that doesn't mean your perceptions of human nature are accurate. It only gives evidence that you're the sort who would do such a thing. The preponderance of us humans wouldn't do such a thing. Your suspicious nature is only an indication that you, and the sort you build community with, are eager for a ring in your nose and to be led around by your own amoral leanings.

Wake up, build your own moral girding, join the bulk of humanity which has made the effort. Quit presuming your inadequate morality describes some "vast conspiracy" of evil. The "evil" you are charged with confronting is right in front of you. It requires no gyrations of presuming "vast numbers" of people as, or more, immoral than you. Start at home, with your precept that you're surrounded with immoral, lying people. Combat untruth where You are. Beginning with your penchant for it. Be truthful with yourself first.