Comment: I honestly don't know . . .

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I honestly don't know . . .

I agree with all the points AJ brought up, because I've researched them for myself. I know some of that research was encouraged at various times, - by something he said during one of his daily broadcasts.
I have no idea if his approach helps to wake up those who are still in a trance, or not. Ive personally used a calm, reasoned approach with many people I know personally. Ive provided information, statistics, and sound/reasonable arguments - and be met with a stone wall of denial, and a blank look. I also tried a 'tough love' approach of giving the reality to them hard - and also met hardcore resistance.
The 'resistance' I'm talking about is an unwillingness of people to even look into these issues further for themselves. Many people seem to not want to hear about it, look into it, or even think about it . . at all.
AJ is his own man. He has his own personality (God love him !) and he'll continue to be who he is. All that fits into his "People have to be mad !" strategy. Maybe he's right, maybe he's not. I don't know.
But I do know in my own case, that some of the things that I thought 'wacky sounding' from various sources, I later looked into and found them to be true. Maybe that will happen with other people regarding the things AJ said. Hopefully so.