Comment: LOL .... You didn't just cite me instructions from the IRS

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LOL .... You didn't just cite me instructions from the IRS

website, did you? ........ LMAO!

Really? ...

Jon, don't tell me you actually take these clowns word for anything, do you?

There whole website; tax code, premise, is to deceive you into paying your taxes even if you're not personally liable ........ Get with the program Jon .... LOL

On to your second point:

Who volunteered? Do you have a Mouse in your pocket? Maybe you did, but a lot of us haven't.

Only idiots volunteer to do anything for the IRS.

Now look, I'm not telling anyone NOT to file their taxes; not to pay taxes they rightfully owe, or to try and cheat the system and put themselves at risk. What I am saying, is this:

If you don't meet the criteria as listed in US Code as one who is liable for the damn extortion fee, why would you volunteer to pay it, and why would you volunteer your time to figure it out and file it for FREE?

The whole idea of the fee schedule is to make it NOT worth their energy and resources to hound you for money you don't owe. If you're a gov't employee ............. PAY THE DAMN TAX ..... YOU ARE LIABLE, it says so in the US Code.

If you're not a gov't employee or elected official and are dumb enough to voluntarily comply with something that has absolutely nothing to do with you, well, I guess there's an idiot born every minute.

Next argument please.