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The DP rules...

from the "Daily Paul House RULES and POSTING GUIDELINES"


1) No profane, disrespectful or divisive language
5) Do not engage in flame wars, PERSONAL ATTACKS on other members, incite or encourage violence, post spam or advertisements.
7) No Assholes™
"Failure to follow these rules can result in banishment from the community."

Nearly every one of the "I hate everybody here and i'm leaving" posts violate all of those rules.

I'm not even asking for a "ban on particular behavior" as you stated. I'm just asking that if someone says they are going to leave then do a TEMPORARY ban that ensure they are held to their word for a short term that would cause them to pause and think about it before posting.

"If I post this emo rant and declare I am leaving then I will not be able to return for one month -- maybe I should refrain."

That's not too much to ask at all.

I guess if you are against rules then you would have no problem with me pointing my fingers a few inches from your eyes and yelling cusswords loudly at you for one hour every day. Remember, you are against rules. So if I did that to you should just shut up and let me do it. Or you would be an inconsistent hypocrite.

Stop being an enabler for anti-social behavior...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~