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I love it

I have no disagreements with what you posted, except for the part where you say AJ is one of those yelling "Charge!".

I see AJ as a guy doing what he thinks needs doing... a warning bell... a siren.

I could very well be wrong. I don't pretend to know the man.
He couches his words about Israel, to be sure, but I think his followers have picked up his 'slack'.

I think that the Tea-O-Conned might turn to his message, if he exposes what is being done, and has been done, to Dr. Hovind.
One thing the Neo-Church doesn't like is for preachers to get Effed with.
I don't know how to contact him directly... maybe through Coast-to-Coast?

I think folks can and will be turned toward Liberty through Jones.
It's not as crazy as Charlie Sheen... but the more folks hear it, the less crazy it sounds.