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AJ haters...

took the opportunity to begin creating a non-ending string of "On no! The Liberty movement is doomed! Alex Jones is CIA/COINTELPRO/JESUIT/JEW-HATING ZIONIST/REPTILIAN that is going to eat our brains and instantly bring on global communism and ALL KITTENS AND PUPPIES WILL DIE NEXT TUESDAY" forum posts.

Nystrom just decided there had been enough of that for right now. He specifically mentioned you beating the "AJ is Satan himself" dead horse. He didn't indicate anything about your past commentary.

You do seem to be a bit elitist in some of your past comments. Like how you are so much superior to the Constitution Party people and destroying people with your advanced knowledge of scripture and the like. But I guess that is kind of mild compared to some other folks around here. :p

Again, Nystrom just wanted the AJ-hate to go away for a while. Nothing personal.

Also, you do realize that:

1) Ron Paul has been going on AJ,s show since the mid-90's.
2) Ron and AJ are personal and family friends
3) AJ pretty much got Ron Paul's 2008 campaign off the ground and was one of close circle of people that convinced Ron to run. Without AJ most people would most likely not even know who Ron Paul is and the Daily Paul might not even exist...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~