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Glenn Beck is for aggression.

He supports pre-emptive war, drug prohibition, taxation, and much more, thus he is not a libertarian, and any attempts by him to claim he is a libertarian rightly deserve the response "Glenn Beck can kiss my libertarian ass".

Furthermore, I can dislike Glenn Beck for any reason I damn well please, I don't need anyone's permission.

In my humble opinion, I think disliking him for being a statist and misrepresenting himself as a libertarian, is a damn good reason to dislike him.

Close minded? You know nothing about me, all you know of me is from a post in which I said I disliked Glenn Beck.

Disliking Glenn Beck is grounds for being close minded?

I can't have a personal preference that's different than yours without being "close minded"?

"I would encourage you to stop being so weak in what you believe to take offense to everything that everyone says that doesn't agree with your postiion. "

Hello Pot, have you met Kettle?

I'm not taking any offense in him disagreeing with me, I have a dislike for him because I feel what he is doing is morally wrong.

If my beliefs were weak, would I feel so strongly about them or so confident in them?

To the contrary, I very strongly believe in Non-Aggression, and because of it I feel very strongly about people who violate or support violation of it.

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